Group presentations at the 9th International GEOS-Chem Conference

Six group members presented their research at the 9th International GEOS-Chem Conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts May 5-9, 2019. Several contributions from the group will go into the upcoming public versions of the GEOS-Chem model.

Holly Nowell: “Impacts of improved burned area estimates on biomass burning emissions” (talk)

Christopher Holmes: “Cloud chemistry in the tropospheric NOx cycle: a new modeling approach its global implications” (talk)

Kelly Graham: “Inverse modeling of CO2 fluxes using O-Buoys, a multi-year dataset of surface observations from the Arctic Ocean”

Jason Ducker: “SatJ development: A satellite-derived dataset of photolysis rates in the atmosphere”

Kaitlyn Confer: “Evaluating and improving Arctic ozone chemistry in GEOS-Chem”

Will Swanson: “Observations and modeling of Arctic halogen chemistry”