Kelly A. Graham

Hello! I’m currently a PhD candidate and researcher in the ACGC group at Florida State. My research involves making use of the 4D-Var scheme in GEOS-Chem, a global atmospheric chemistry model, along with satellite and in situ data, to establish and improve constraints on carbon dioxide exchange in the Arctic Ocean. I completed my MS in 2018 and am now working towards my PhD, with expected completion in 2021.

Below you’ll find some brief biographical information, but please contact me if you’d like a full CV.

Graduate Education
Undergraduate Education
Skillset Summary
Post-grad goals & interests
Graduate Education

Ph.D. Meteorology | Florida State University – anticipated 2021

M.S. Meteorology | Florida State University – December 2018

Undergraduate Education

B.S. Meteorology, cum laude | State University of New York College at Oneonta – May 2016

B.S. Mathematics, cum laude | State University of New York College at Oneonta – May 2016

Skillset Summary

Tech: Python programming for data analysis (Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, SciPy, etc.), bash scripting, large dataset processing, multiple operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows), Microsoft Office, JMP, GIS

Science: data analysis, statistical analysis, numerical modeling, quantitative reasoning, research, analytical skills

Interpersonal Communication: written communication, public speaking, teamwork, leadership, project management   


NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship (2017-present)

FSU Fellow’s Society Inductee (2017)

Chi Epsilon Pi Honor Society Inductee (2017)

SUNY Oneonta Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Dept. Top Academic Award (2016)

NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship (2014-2016)

Sigma Gamma Epsilon Honor Society (2013-2016)

SUNY Oneonta Presidential Scholarship (2012-2016)

National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-American Scholar Athlete (2014)

Post-grad goals & interests

Immediately upon graduation (2021), I will be looking for employment in the Phoenix, AZ area.

I’m open to exploring what possibilities exist post-PhD. My interests (so far) lie in primarily two categories, science policy and data science. I am interested in attending workshops geared towards researchers in STEM wanting to make the transition to policy-making. I have considered applying to science policy fellowships post-graduation. I was an attendee at the 2019 AMS Summer Policy Colloquium, where I learned the inner workings of science policy at the federal level. In addition, I had the opportunity to take a semester-long law course, where I was introduced to and studied several key federal environmental law statutes. This course was individually sought after by myself and fell beyond the regular STEM-based curriculum my degree offers.

My other broad interests lie within the fields of air quality, data science, machine learning, and the power of large-scale computing. While this is extremely broad, I would consider delving into the government or private sector to gain experience in these fields outside of academia.